Since its launch, SIKU has been prominently featured by media outlets in the North and southern Canada, as well as international press coverage. We are happy to provide press packages and updated materials upon request as we continue to reach wider audiences. 

For more information or to arrange interviews, please contact us.

Social Media

Posts about SIKU features and content from both Ice Watch and Goose Watch are shared on social media channels and the SIKU feed. Media is also broadcast throughout Canada on The Weather Network and throughout the North on Uvagut TV.


Press, publications and blog posts about SIKU and the Arctic Eider Society.

Ice Watch

Ice Watch helps Inuit across the North share knowledge about ice, supporting ice safety and tracking climate change. 2024 is the 4th annual Ice Watch, and will run until July 2nd.

2024 Ice Watch Press Release

Goose Watch

Goose Watch helps Inuit and coastal James Bay Cree community members track the spring goose migration, sharing knowledge about the timing of goose arrival, nesting, and more. The 5th annual Goose Watch will start in April 2024.


Additional graphic assets, photos and video can be supplied upon request.